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    CRISIS, folders gone


      I was preparing to move my LR library to an additional backup. I have a BU of photos only but not the LR structure. I had three main folders, 2014, 2015, 2016 with individual folders labeled, dated inside each. I also had two with question marks below the others. I fixed those by right clicking, find folder, choose and them labeled them in the correct years. I also had one folder, again, below the the others and on the same plane as the two with question marks. It was unlabeled and had one photo. It was a scan someone sent me of their mother and asked if it could be enhanced. I did that months ago and had no need for the photo. I deleted the photo and then clicked "remove" on the folder. Now ALL my folders are gone. My photos are still on the system but in a mass by date. I have no idea: 1. What I did and 2. Can it be corrected.


      Kind of in a panic here.