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    Close Focus

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      So I have an element 3D layer with a roulette wheel and a camera that's moved super close in the wheel.

      Now I have some animations in other .aep's and I imported them and place them on the wheel where I wanted, but obviously since the roulette wheel model is small and the camera is moved all the way down to it, I had to scale the comp layer to like 2%. Now I turned on depth of field and started dragging the focus distance so I can get the comp layer in focus.

      My camera is on f-stop 2 and 35mm. problem is I can't get it in focus, everything is super macro at this point and when I try to move the focus distance lower then 300px or so, just to get my comp layer in focus, the whole thing just blurs out and when I go even lower it just disappears. whilst the roulette wheel can perfectly get in focus around 300px. How can I get my comp layer in focus? I tried 'set camera to focus layer' thing but that just set the focus distance to 1.800 pixels and got everything blurred out.

      This is what it looks like when I get the focus distance to around 300px. Gyazo - 069e2ec0cff96b5cbd1d8212cdb55105.png

      the white stuff thats floating is my comp layer I want in focus.


      Thanks for the help!