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    Pictures in wrong folders & possibly duplicated.

    The Old Fart Level 1

      I had been keeping all of my photos in a tree format of folders of location & then these has sub folders.  Somewhere along the line this appears to have gotten mixed up.


      If I go the PSE Organizer version 11 I can see under the left hand side 'My folders' names displayed.  These folders correspond to what should be in the tree. & if I click on one I get to see the pictures in that folder.I had expected to find these pictures on my 'D' drive where I store all of my pictures.  A  search reveals that most of my picture are located on the 'c' drive in picture folder which corresponds to all of my original folder tree.


      But something is wrong because the total of both location is much bigger that it should be.  I notice that PSE 11 no linger is displaying the total number of pictures in my catalog.  Is this still there?


      I'm uncertain if somehow many of these photos have been duplicated but if they have how do I get a list for deletion? I'm not certain if the pictures are duplicates or they may just be shortcuts to incorrectly stored photos.


      Can I just cut the picture folder out of 'c' drive location & paste it into the 'd' drive location without upsetting the programs search facility?  Is there anyway to get a list from within PSE of all photos in catalog that are located in drive'c' or'd' & if so how is this done?