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    Photoshop 7.0 Question


      i want adil CNIC2 photo to be straight like adil CNIC1 in photoshop 7.0



      Adil CNIC 1 - Pic Tub Club - Free Image Hosting

      Adil CNIC 2 - Pic Tub Club - Free Image Hosting


      forgive my poor english


      how can i rotate it in photoshop7.0





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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I suspect the problem some of us are going to have, is remembering what tools Photoshop Version 7 had, but I am fairly sure it had the Ruler tool.  Select the ruler from behind the Eye Dropper, and drag it along the angled edge of the ID card like below.

          Nowadays the next step is a one button fix, but back then we had to go:


          Image > Image Rotation > Arbitrary

          That will open a window like below.  Click OK, and you'll be done

          Use the Crop tool to tidy it up, and the Clone (Rubber Samp)

          and the Clone (Rubber Stamp) to fill in the missing corner

          I actually copied from the bottom right corner, and Free Transform > Flip Horizontally, and dragged across to the other side, but just use the clone tool if you not sure about this bit.

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            makhan10 Level 1

            Thanks Trevor your topic solved my problem