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    Rejected:  Similar file already submitted?


      However I have no similar image. I waited a month and sent again, in case it was just an error. Rejected again, same reason. Nightime shot of Christmas Lights. I have No Others anything close composition or similar subject. I do have a couple Sunsets, some fireworks, a night sky, but no panoramic Holiday lights at night?


      File ID: 131756429




      Is there something like a bot, that says, a Sunset looks too similar to lights at night? Same rejection twice, so if the first time it was a missed click, this tells me, it wasn't?

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          HodagMedia Level 1

          Does anyone actually read this area?


          I think I might have the answer, but I can't be sure until someone from AS answers or someone with more experience can confirm my guess.

          Thanks for giving us the chance to consider your image. Unfortunately, during our review we found that it's similar to another image(s) you've already uploaded, so we can't accept it into our collection.

          Images must be different enough to provide additional value to our customers. We can't accept more than three color variations of the same image or similar images, and models must appear in different situations or with different expressions to be considered. Please be selective and submit only the very best from each image series.

          Someone else said, too many similar images already in the collection, from other people, not just mine already uploaded. It would be nice if the rejection reason was clearer that "Too many similar images in the collection, from other contributors" stated in some way, along with the you've already uploaded. Because I have uploaded none like this at all.