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    Flash DateChooser - Changing the days the component pulls from

      I am using the DateChooser component.

      What I want is for the dateChooser to build itself based on the SERVER date, not the user's computer date.

      For example, if the date on the user's computer is May 19, 2006, the DateChooser automatically sets the current date.

      I have successfully made the DateChooser choose the selected date based on the server using a little PHP and a Flash Remoting Service called amfphp, but now I have another prediciment: What about the actual day of the week, and the days in that month?

      The DateChooser in Flash knows it's a leap year or not based on the user's computer time. But my software needs the date to be perfect - there can't be any mistakes.

      I guess what I'm getting to is I wish the DateChooser had something like a "source date info" property - where you could push all the months, and number of days in each month, etc... to it.

      Unfortunetly, I am going to have to build a whole component to tackle this issue.

      Anyone built a good one already?