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    InDesign crash because of shadings




      I have a problem with a 150 pages document...

      I was in holidays for 1 week, when I came back to my work the file was corrupt.

      I noticed some shadings had become black (or grey on the preview/thumbnail), but they were blue and orange before (the week earlier).


      If it try to change the colors of the shading (by double-cliking on it) the software crash.

      If it try to delete the colors of the shading (even if they are not applied to any object) the software crash.


      Now I have a message when I open InDesign, something like "Caution your document may be damaged"


      Can i still work on this corrupted document? If I let the corrupted colors aside?

      If I could avoid re-do a 150 pages long document that would be great


      Thank you