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    Adobe Application Manager Issue on Mac/Need to Reinstall


      I have an iMac running Mac OS Sierra that has been stable with standalone (non-CC) versions of LR6 and Photoshop CS6. I made the mistake of running a disc cleaning utility and it appears to have deleted components of AAM. Now when I launch either LR6 or CS6, I get a notice that AAM is missing or damaged, and instructions to download a new copy from http://www.adobe.com/go/applicationmanager  To my utmost frustration, this is not a valid URL. I cannot find where it can be downloaded on the Adobe website. I still had a copy of the LR6 install, so I tried to install a fresh copy(without first uninstalling my existing LR6), but it fails because the AAM is missing.

      From what I can find on the Web and various forum and discussion boards, this rather problematic component of the Adobe Suite is notorious for driving users to bang there heads against the wall. I'd like to avoid that in my effort to get this resolved. Any suggestions and advice for overcoming this issue? The installed versions of the products do work (currently), but there is no longer any license data shown in the About window of the app.

      Thank you; any help is much appreciated.