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    Adobe Support Advisor? — CS6 — OSX 10.12.2

    abigailq17461675 Level 1

      I have just bought a new 15" MacBook Pro, running Sierra 10.12.2.


      I previously purchased Photoshop CS6 for my old MacBook Pro and am trying to install onto the new laptop. The license allows installation on 2 different laptops.

      I can download the installer but when I double click on the installer, it says ...


      "we've encountered the following issues

      Installer failed to initialize. This could be due to a missing file. Please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem."



      I have downloaded the installed three different times with the same error. I tried to find this Adobe Support Advisor on their website, but can't.


      How do I get Photoshop installed on the new laptop without having to purchase it again?