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    Delete older version associated fonts, directories and listing in CP-Add/Remove programs


      This is on a Win 10 Pro PC.


      I am trying to remove older versions of PS and Premier (P) Elements (ver 11) as I have ver 15 of these newly purchased and installed.


      I used the ControlPanel_Add/Remove to uninstall PS and P Elements ver 11.


      I still have the following that I would like to remove


      Directory: Z:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 11\System

      Files in the above directory: ADMUI2.fon, ADMUI3.fon, Premiere.fon, Premiere.sif

      Listings in CP-Add/Remove for PS and P Elements 11


      I tried deleting the fonts corresponding to the above files in CP-Fonts, but those are shortcuts and don't get deleted.


      Any idea how to get rid of these items?

      Is there a tool to completely remove all traces of these (and other) Adobe software from my PC?