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    Menus in PSE organizer 15 won't open. Windows 10 store app.

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      I own a Surface Pro4 and I have found many regular windows applications facing problems with their User Interface (UI) because of the very high resolution of the Surface's display. Some of those programs will show their UI windows and icons so very tiny that it's either very difficult to work with them, or downright impossible.

      It was a surprise to find Photoshop Elements in the Windows 10 application store, I thought that kind of problems would not show. And they didn't!!!

      The problem is, and I would not have any idea as to why, the menus is PSE organizer won't open, no matter if I try to tap on them directly on the screen, or I use the Surface stylus, or a mouse.

      At first, I thought this was a problem because the UI seemed sluggish when the process for face recognition was taking place. BTW, this is a *very* long process!!! And in the end, it leaves you with another problem: to refine the results, in which many faces are confirmed being as from a certain person, but leaving you with sometimes even more than 1000 other faces to confirm. AND, you have to click on each, one by one!!! *terrible*


      So, I left my machine running PSE to complete the face recognition process. I then returned to it, but the menues were still unresponsive. This does not happen to PSE Edit interface.


      Any help?


      Also, this is another of those decisions that MS will force upon us: you are unable to install a trial version of the software. So, now, I am stuck with this as I cannot ask for a refund either!!!