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    PC for Best After Effects performance.

    mandolinista Level 1

      I am ordering a second machine for editing at home. I am considering a couple different options but would like some advice.
      I recently bought the Red Giant Trapcode suite and want it to be a tad better with that stuff and just rendering previews in AE smoother and faster. My current machine is


      Dell XPS.

      i7-4770 3.4 (8GPUS)

      32 gigs Ram

      Geforce GTX 960 Video Card

      Running OS and Adobe programs on a Samsung SSD 850 Evo 250 GB

      Media running off of a Samsung SSD 850 PRO 512GB

      Cache on a Crucial 256gb SSD

      also installed is a 1 TB HHD and I archive everything on Mybooks.


      Where do you think I should spend the money to get better performance? Seems like the processor is the only thing I havent upgraded but is the new generation really that much better for these adobe programs? I am definitely over spec but it still seems super slow to me when using AE. Premiere, and all the other Adobe stuff seems to run pretty well.


      I am looking at higher end stuff than I have had before like Alienware, Origin, or building my own. Any thoughts here or am I wasting money trying to get even higher in the spec department? Seems like according to spec I should be able to run this stuff with less than I already have. Even without using Red Giant Trapcode stuff AE is just way slow compared to Premiere or any other Programs I am used to. Am i missing something in my current setup that would be slowing it down?