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    Tweens with Animations


      Hello people of the Adobe Forum,

      This is my first time here so I'm new. But i have one question.


      Does anyone know if i can make a tween that has an animation saved to it? If that sounds confusing let me explain. I have made a walk cycle for a character but the cycle is of this character standing still while his body parts are moving. I wondered can i tween this so he moves across the stage WHILE the walking animation is playing.

      Thanks to anyone that can answer this, i have been looking over the internet and couldn't find anything.

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You could make a new Library symbol, either Graphic or MovieClip (depends on how you're planning to work), then copy the layers of the current animation, and paste them into the new symbol. You can then delete the original animation from the main timeline, and drag the new symbol onto the stage. At that point it would still be the character walking on the spot, but you can now add a tween to the new symbol, to make it go across the screen.