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    Missing Images that Are Not with screen shots


      Hey all - Whenever I try to synch a folder called 'Final" in Lightroom to bring in new images I get the familiar Synchronizing dialogue box with a bonus - the option to "Remove missing photos from catalog." I also now have a Catalog item called "Photos Missing From Folder "Final" that contains only the jpegs (well, copies of the jpegs I suspect) from the Final folder. If I synch the folder the synch deletes all of the jpegs (and only the jpegs) in my Final directory and that Photos Missing From Folder "Final" item disappears.


      Here's the rub - the images are there the Final directory on the hard drive per Lightroom. If I right click on any of the jpegs from either the Final directory under Folders in Lightroom's Library (showing 187 images in the image below) or from this new catalog item mentioned above called "Photos Missing From Folder "Final" (showing 62 images below) Lightroom brings up the Final directory on my Mac's Finder.


      I did synch without the Remove missing images which brought in the two images but I still have that really annoying and somewhat worrisome catalog item showing 62 missing images. Anyone ever seen this before? The three images below hopefully explain in pictures my dialogue above. The first showing the Synch dialogue when trying to Synch the "Final" folder, the second showing one of the jpegs in the Final folder with no indication of it being missing, and the third showing the file path on my Mac's finder.


      Broken Lightroom.png

      Jpeg Not Missing.png

      Final file path.png

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Mikegs,


          May I know which version of Lightroom are you using?




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            bhousto90 Level 4

            Can you please show the file details (date/time) for the photos in the final directory?


            I think you may be caught in one of Lightroom quagmires regarding missing JPEG sidecars from a original RAW+JPEG import:


            It looks like you may have imported RAW files with matching JPEG copies originally in the same folder (shown as the DNG+JPEG and ARW+JPEG text in the thumbnails).

            At some point the JPEG copies with same timestamp as the RAW files may have been deleted and since replaced or overwritten with exported files using same name? But these files will have different date/time so LR will show the "+JPEG" file paired with the RAW as missing.


            I cannot recall just now how it is possible to separate the photos from a RAW+JPEG import into one that is RAW only after the fact so that the synchronization will work correctly.

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              1mikegs Level 1

              Apologies to all. I thought I would recieve an email notification if sombody replied which did not happen. It appears that since this post the issue of the missing images has corrected itself; I no longer see the "Photos Missing'.


              Thanks you for replying.