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    How to create additional lightsource in AE to grade a day to night scene


      Hi team

      I have a very specific question. I am grading my last short film and i tried something i never did before -> Day to night conversion ! That's the reason why i have hard time doing my grading. Here is what i want to do, i hope you can help !


      I started a very basic grading (dark, unsaturated, and blue) how you can see in the 1st screenshot below. My characters are in front of a door (2nd screenshot). I'd like to create a light coming from the holes of the door, yellow, very intense. This light would beam on my characters faces. In this dark background i'd like to have the brightest parts of their skin reflecting a nice glowy-yellowish ray of light. I don't know how to masterize a nice skin light reflection !


      Can you help ? this would be WONDERFUL ! Thanks a Lot


      Vince, from france


      Capture d’écran 2017-01-02 à 10.57.22.png


      Capture d’écran 2017-01-02 à 11.01.01.png