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    Program crashes automatically each time when working in a dokument


      I'm working with a annual brochure in InDesign. Since it contains a lot of infoemation that I want to reuse and takes days to set up I always keep the old file and save it anew for the new version of the brochure. Ihe original file was first created in 2010 with CS3. It contains a table that is several pages long. Now, after upgrading to ID2017, each time I work in this table (inserting rows and copying information from other cells, inserting images), the whole program crashes down. I use the Norwegian language version, and the translated message is like "An unforseen failure aoorued and the program will shut down". It see4ms that the whole table is coorupted, but I do not know where the bug is that causes ID to shut down. How do I find and repair it? Is this a common problem? Are CS3 crearted files and objects/tables not compatible any more? Do I have to create the table anew (wil take me very many expensive hours)? I sincerely do not hope so.