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    How to make an animation (with Plexus plugin) go backwords

    Maregula Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm doing an animation using the Plexus plugin - something similar to this:


      Intro with Plexus plugin After Effects tutorial - YouTube


      But I want to animate the lines not with the camera (like in the tutorial) but with an effect in the plexus effects panel (points on each mask). If I change the value, my poligons are being animated. But - I want the animation to loop seamlessly. If I copy the first frame and put it at the end of the timeline, the animation goes back in the wrong direction. I would like to have the first and last keyframe the same + a keyframe in the middle with a different value, so that the animation plays on, but seamlesly, without changing the direction.


      I guess I'm explaining it wrong but I don't know how to do it better. So the basic problem is - can I change the direction of the animation if what I'm animating is just a value in the effects panel?