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    504 Gateway Timeout


      Hi - sorry, I know this has been asked before, but I want to log this problem here, and check if there have been any recent developments.


      I have an app with some videos that take the size up to slightly short of 500MB.


      If I include the videos, I can't upload and build the app - the service responds with a 504 gateway timeout.  This is the same regardless of whether I:


      * Use the CLI

      * Upload a ZIP

      * Pull in from git

      * Delete the app and upload a new ZIP

      * Delete the app and upload a new app from the CLI

      * Delete the app and pull in a new app from git. (in this case the web page seems to hang with no error message).


      However, if I swap the videos out for some (much smaller) placeholder videos, the build works OK.  With these videos the app is about 50M (i.e. one tenth the size).


      Last night I upgraded my account from a free account to a creative cloud account, so up to 1GB ought to be OK.


      Would be grateful for any advice.