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    Color tag problem

    Geoff Vane Level 1

      Somehow my catalog of 160000 photos was tagged as red COMPLETELY. I tried to tag some images, but something must have gone wrong.
      (it's very hard to see if LR has or has not selected a group of photos)

      Attempts to turn everything grey again (no color tag) keep on going wrong.

      Any ideas what I can do? Destroy the database and recat?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you have an earlier back up? If so unzip and double click on the catalog (.lrcat file) to launch.

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            cmgap Adobe Community Professional

            Hi Geoff,


            Try this:


            In Library mode select from the Left column: Catalog: All Photographs > then in the center panel in grid mode CMD A to select all of the images > then Tap the 6 key to toggle on/off the red label.


            Let us know if this works.


            You shouldn't have to 'destroy' the database to turn off the color label. You can also turn off "Tint grid cells with color label" by unchecking the feature in Library View Options.