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    AE template for Render Queue


      Hi guys!

      I've been looking for a similar discussion but I didn't find anything...

      Anyway, I am reading a tutorial of Classroom in a Book (AE CC 2015), that's about the creation of a template for output modules for the render queue.

      The problem is that, within the Format Options, it says to set the Video Codec as MPEG-4 but there isn't any format like this in the pop up menu.


      I can't understand why! Everything works fine and it's the same as in the tutorial except for this...

      I am working on the 2017 version of AE...but I don't think this is the problem.


      I hope my explanation was clear!

      Thanks in advance for your help

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          MPEG 4 should only be rendered from the Adobe Media Encoder. The quality was never very good from the Output Module. It has been removed as an option. Unless you are specifically going direct to DVD you should probably be using h.264 from the AME for your delivery format. There's a whole bunch of new stuff in the latest versions of AE that help you deliver a good product. The chapter on creating a customized template is still a good idea, but if you start creating customized templates or messing with the codecs and compression it's a really good idea to study up a little bit on formats. You can easily set up something that will consistently produce really poor results.

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            juliad82442144 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply!

            I've converted the file within Media Encoder indeed into a H.264 format with a 720p of resolution. I liked it better a 1080p resolution but the file size resulted too big and the conversion was too much long (4h!). The quality is quite bad but it's for a background projection so I'm overall happy with it (even if the exportation took 2.30 hours).

            At this point, for a long composition, do you think it's better to convert the file with premiere pro or still with Media Encoder.