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    Adobe Digital Editions has stopped working

    charlystars Level 1



      I bought an ebook, and I cannot get the book to download on Adobe Digital Editions. I've tried the most 3 recent ADE software versions, but they all give me the same error code:


      "Adobe Digital Editions (2.0/3.0/4.3.5) has stopped working. A problem has stopped the program from working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."


      I contacted the actual book seller and they helped me transfer this book to ibooks, but I want to get it on my nook simple touch. I contacted nook by barnes and nobles and they said the book probably had DRM properties and therefore needed ADE to be transferred. Why will ADE not work? I am confused.


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Nanaky Level 5

          Has you all 3 Version of Digial Edition installed on the same Device?

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            charlystars Level 1

            Yes. All on my desktop loaded with windows 10.

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              Mr_Doggie_PDX Level 1

              I have the exact same issue as well.  I have been a heavy user of Digital Editions (DE), yesterday it stopped working.

              Things I've tried but did NOT work:

              I've erased my authorization, and re-authorized. (This used to work)

              Reinstall latest DE software.

              Reinstall older version software. Still nothing.

              I have not installed any new software lately, although I can only thing some other software or browser has updated itself in the background.

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                charlystars Level 1

                I wonder if there is another program blocking us from using it? Maybe a software update? Another thought was the licensing on the original ebook. The seller definitely wants me to have access to ADE to put it on any device. I hope someone from Adobe knows the answer!

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                  Mr_Doggie_PDX Level 1

                  I don' t know if this forum is at all monitored by Adobe staff.


                  Overall, the performance of ADE has been much-much worse than other Adobe products.   Since the public libraries recommend this product, and I'd imagine there are or will be storms at the libraries, I can only imagine the affect on future Adobe revenue.


                  Today I "can" get ADE to download an epub but only shows that current ones I've put into ADE in that specific session.  If it crashes, and I restart ADE, it does NOT display the book files I just loaded.

                  When I attempt to load these & other epubs checked into ADE a few days ago, they do NOT display, (about 20 should display) but ADE says they are already in it's library. ??

                  I need ADE to check them back into the library, so don't I clog up my library queues waiting for the checkout time to expire.  I tried opening them with Overdrive (both Windows and browser app), thinking I'd check them back in with it, but it won't open or manage any that were checked out by ADE, most likely due to DRM.


                  If I go to C:\Users\<my name>\Documents\My Digital Editions, and directly try to launch the book files checked into ADE it still won't launch.  I've also reset all the book files to be Read & Write, (I noticed they were read-only) still no change.


                  My best current workaround--(run overall deep-tissue virus scan, reboot pc, use an alternate book manager to display the books, and reset the library subscription lengths to 7-day).


                  System:  PC Laptop, Windows 10, yr 2016.

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                    Mr_Doggie_PDX Level 1

                    I found the solution in another thread:  ( Adobe Digital Editions Stuck Loading Library )

                      I closed ADE. Then copied the My Digital Editions folder, then emptied the original folder, then launched ADE, and drug a current file from the copied My Digital Editions folder into ADE and it didn't freeze, AND I was able to use ADE to check it back into the library, repeated it for all the ones I wanted to check back in. Works great now!!

                    I think it might be a cache problem.  I'll keep that My Digital Editions folder small.

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                      govid70209405 Level 1

                      my device digital editing start