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    How to create a new parent folder inside my external hard drive in LR6

    uhligfd=me Level 1

      I bought a new digital camera last year. My old camera's earlier year pics are on an external hard drive. How can I now create a new parent folder for the new camera pictures on the external  drive in LR 6 (standalone).

      Currently the folder structure on the external hard drive is

      >> Camera 1

           >> 2014

           >> 2015

           >> 2016


      And I want to create a 'parent' folder for the new camera under its own name and then add yearly pictures to it such as in

      >> Camera 2

           >> 2016




      I am unable to get this Camera 2 folder to become another parent folder in the external drive, rather than a subfolder of Camera 1 which I cannot free from its Camera 1 'fatherhood' in LR.  How can this be done?