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    Few questions from a beginner in acrobat


      Hello, I have a few questions


      1. With Acrobat pro 11, I know you can click and drag and drop pages from one pdf to another.  I know you can extract pages from one pdf to a new pdf. But is there an option to copy lets say 50 pages from one pdf to another pdf of my choice? (not to a new pdf?)  What I am trying to accomplish here is being able to tell the software to grab these 50 pages without having to use the thumbnail pane. I want a dialogue box like you get when extracting pages. If it doesn't exist that's fine---just wanted to make sure I am not missing something.

      2. Why is it that when I crop a page and lets say I crop out the top and bottom third of the page, why does the software only show me that middle third of the page in the document window?--- what that does is it makes my page in the document window smaller than the other pages. Its just a visual preference but I would like to see all of my pages the same size even if one page only has 1/3 of the text.