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    Compatible Webcams




      I'm a high school animation teacher, and I want to use Adobe Character Animator with my students. We don't presently have webcams, however, so I'm going to need to buy 20 of them for my computer lab. I'm looking at several very cheap webcams, but I'm concerned that they might not be compatible with ACA.


      Can someone point me towards ACA's webcam specifications?


      Thanks in advance.



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          KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I don't think there is an official Adobe list of webcams for Character Animator. But there is some discussion about it. You can go  to the forum at Character Animator and search on webcam. Here is one thread that talks about it and recommends two cameras. Webcam recommendations?


          It depends to some extent on your operating system.


          Also, almost any camcorder or better video camera will work. I use an old Canon HDV.


          But the live recording is only part of it. With a single video camera you could have your students record their input and then use the recorded video instead of going live. Manycam is one software that  works for this. The same with audio input -- just record it and import the mp3 into Ch.


          Plus there is a whole lot that can be done with keyboard triggers and other features to add to the animation.

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            oksamurai Employee Moderator

            KJerryK is right (as usual ) - any modern HD webcam should work. If you're buying 20, to be safe I'd buy one and test first. In my tests I've found it's less about webcam quality and more about good lighting and closeness to the camera for the best performance capture results.

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              osullivanstudios Level 1

              Did you ever find a good webcam? I recently purchased the Logitech c920, but in order to use it I have to start up another app to "jumpstart" it to get it to work properly in CA. It's not an ideal workflow.

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                RealAnise Level 1

                I'm trying to find the answer to this exact question. I think I will post it as a new question.