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    Paragraph Palette misbehaving IDCC (2017)

    btrhodes Level 1

      I'm running into issues with how the Paragraph Palette is operating in the updated version of IDCC (2017) build.

      I think this is a bug and I hope I'm not the only one experiencing this.... please chime in if you are also experiencing this bug or have a solve.


      When trying to edit measurements in the fields within the Paragraph palette, my text ends up getting edited and whatever I key in gets inserted into the text box:

      E.g. selecting a line of text and editing the space after will result in inserting that measurement figure into my text box. It's not every time, but I can't figure out the pattern other than doing the same thing over and over again, trying to re-select in hope it will take and not edit text.


      Please fix.

      This is quite irritating and such a pain.