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    Missing colour space during "Develop"?


      Hello all,


      in the Develop module in Lightroom the colours appear as if the image is compressed, with low quality. But when I turn on the soft-proofing, the colours appear normal. Here's a video displaying this: Colour space issue? - YouTube


      I have no experience with colour management so I can't figure out what changed and this started happening (recently). The only colour profile on my Macbook Air is "Color LCD" (with no other screen connected to the laptop).


      I have read about colour management today and understand that lightroom is using the ProPhoto RGB colour space (profile?) for the Develop module while the soft-proofing happens on either sRGB or Adobe RGB colour profiles. However, I don't understand why my photos have recently started being displayed like that.


      Running Lightroom 5.6 on a Macbook Air with the latest version of MacOS.


      Thank you in advance for any help!