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    Remote Build Android and iOS throwing error


      I'm trying to upload to PB my app and everytime I upload using phonegap remote build android or ios it gives me the following error:


      MacBook-Pro:GuiaSmart Gabriel$ phonegap remote build ios

      [phonegap] compressing the app...

      [phonegap] uploading the app...


            throw err;  // Forgot a callback but don't know where? Use NODE_DEBUG=fs



      Error: ENOTEMPTY: directory not empty, rmdir '/Users/Gabriel/Google Drive/Guia Smart/Mobile APP/GuiaSmart/build'

          at Error (native)


      The problem is that everytime I try it creates a new app online, with a new App ID. And I'm being able to compile in iOS after I choose the correct sign key.


      What means the error I'm getting at the terminal?