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    Premiere Elements fails to open new or existing projects

    Simon Child

      I've used Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 10 64 bit for a year or more. A few weeks ago I went to open it and found I cannot either start a new project or open existing projects. Whichever I select it just hangs and does nothing.


      If I select the Organiser then that works OK, but if I select the Video Editor then New Project it does nothing other than show me the stripy progress indicator for a minute or so then stops even doing that.


      It is a valid licensed copy.


      I've uninstalled and reinstalled, doing registry clean in between. On first startup it asks to validate my license online and I agree. That appears to work, but maybe doesn't work well enough because then it crashes. I've reinstalled twice and it has done this both times. On next startup it doesn't ask me to relicense but it doesn't do much at all, as above.


      I've updated to 12.1


      I've disabled antivirus, and have reset windows firewall to default settings


      I've renamed "C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\Adobe\Premier Elements", to reset preferences


      What else can I try?


      When in the Organiser if i look at system info it tells me I don't have Acrobat reader installed. I have Acrobat Reader DC installed. Is that relevant? Do I have to downgrade to Acrobat Reader??


      Thanks for any suggestions