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    Indd File Crashing on Open: after export fail




      I am hoping someone might know a way to help me recover my indd document or parts of my document.


      After exporting to a pdf (which I had done multiple times prior this) the process failed and now the indd document fails to open. Occasional I will see it pop up before crashing but mostly it fails before open. Unfortunately this happened after 6 hours of work and the only file I have backup from the day prior is very different, so I am hoping I can find an easier answer before recreating the document.


      I am working on a mac and Indesign creative cloud version. I have tried looking for the cache recovery documents but cant find them. I can also work on or open other files fine, it is just this document. I have also tried removing the fonts, moving the file to the desktop and trying on other computers and none have helped.


      The error report message is very long so I don't want to paste it in this question but I also have that if someone can tell me which part is relevant?


      Please help.