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    Feature Request - Copy Layers/Vectors Between Drawings

    rryanhayes Level 1

      Would be really great for a professional workflow to be able to copy layers/vectors between drawings in a project. Since Draw does not use art boards, this would be a nice work around for a professional designer/illustrator so that they could take a created asset and apply different treatments to it across different files, rather than have to rely on a messy layer system. This process would keep concepts separate allowing for a much cleaner workflow.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



          This is an often-requested feature. Not so much for an entire layer but rather to copy specific content from a layer and copy it to another drawing in another project. And, also, to other apps (specifically Comp). Speaking of which, not too long ago this feature was added to Comp so I'm really hoping it will make its way to the drawing apps. But... I haven't gotten any confirmation about whether that will happen.


          Your post, however, adds fuel to the "argument" for it. I'll make sure the product team sees it.


          Thanks for all these posts. They're really good/useful/insightful.



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            rryanhayes79 Level 1

            Great! Thanks Sue!


            Ive been an Adobe user for YEARS (read 10+) and its been great to see how the software has come along.


            Glad I am not alone in asking for some of these functions/tools.


            Thanks again!