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    Feature Request - Groups


      It would be incredibly useful to be able to select artwork and group it - thus allowing the artwork to retain its visual properties when merging. An example would be an illustration of a character with a layer above it in which a 50% opaque black was used to create shadows on the artwork in the layer below it. In this apps current state, merging the layer with the 50% opacity with the layer below it, creates "holes" in the character where shading was intended, because both pieces of art merge together. If we were allowed to group the shading layer and then merge, the shadows would sit on top of the artwork it was merged with, rather than becoming part of it, retaining the illusion of shadows.


      This feature would also be helpful in being able to group one entire asset and position/resize it within the scene as a whole, converting it into a sort of "symbol" that can be copied and pasted as needed.