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    ADE isn't recognizing my NOOK


      ADE isn't recognizing my device (NOOK) on the left hand column. I read the troubleshooting directions, which said to make sure my device is supported by ADE (it's on the list of approved devices), and to make sure that I plug it into a USB port on my computer before starting ADE (I did that too). My NOOK is not showing up on the left hand side of the ADE window where devices are supposed to be listed. I have a book that has been downloaded into ADE but I can't transfer to my NOOK. Please help, thanks!

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          I used to be able to transfer books easily from the laptop to the Nook, but no  longer . My old laptop died and I am borrowing this one, loaded ADE on it, and then started running into problems with my identity. So now I have TWO separate accounts, each with a password, and still I can't get the digital book to transfer from the laptop to the Nook. I don't have permission. When did this happen ?