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    script to create table

    abhijeett89122812 Level 1

      i have a file in which i have to create a table with some text in it, this is address of product, every time i have to create a table with this address,
      Is there any script which can help me to create such table with this text...


      Thanks in advance...

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          vladan saveljic Level 4

          is it always the same table or you have to create many tables with different adresses?

          there are a several ways to do that (libraries, snippets, data merge...)

          for example in the first case you can use libraries option (window > libraries).

          Drag your table from document to a library panel and when you need to insert the table in document drag the table from library to document.

          If you have many diferent adresses data merge is the best solution

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            fenjas29325284 Level 5

            Why do you think a script is needed?

            You could create the table with all the unchangeable content and drag it in the CC Library.

            Next time you need this table drag and drop it from Library to your document.




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