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    resizing using crop tool vs resampling

    owenpga2 Level 1

      is there a best way to resize and crop and image?


      i have a 30.5"x12.5" image at 300ppi and i want to resize to 48"x24" at 300ppi


      I compared setting the resolution and dimensions using the crop tool vs using the upsampling tool and i don't really see much difference.



      are they both doing the same thing?



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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Resampling with the Crop Tool uses the Interpolation Method specified under Preferences > General > Image Interpolation while Image > Image Size (which I suspect you might mean by »upsampling tool«) allows to set the method individually.

          If you should have meant Edit > Transform then you can also select the method individually (in the Options Bar) but »Preserve Details« is not available there.