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    CTRL-click (or command, or ALT or...)

    DavideBarranca Level 1
      I'm trying to build a custom Photoshop CS4 panel with Flex. I've successfully followed the Adobe Photoshop Panel Developer's Guide. My needs are very basic: I have buttons that should call Javascript code in external jsx files, and that's ok.
      I wasn't able to implement a Command-click (or Shift-click, or ALT-click, it doesn't really matter) that works. Let's put (that's the code attached) I have two buttons that I'd like to merge in one. First button calls the action A, second calls the action B. I'd like to have a single button that calls A with a click, B with a keyboard modifier-click. (I know there's a timer workaround if I'd like to implement a single click / double click instead). Currently it works A all the time.
      In the commented part of my code there's my unlucky try. Strangely, if I write != instead of == in the if statement, it's option B thats the only working so it seems that the button is really unable to "feel" the modifier pressed when I click.
      Any help or suggestion is really appreciated.
      Kind Regards,

      D. Barranca