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    Adverts not loading into a webpage


      Hi there,


      I'm working in online marketing and we're having an issue with our adverts not correctly loading into webpages occasionally. The issue looks like the below, it loads the green background but fails to load any of the animation or any other part.

      Cycling weekly issue 1.jpg


      We've previously noticed this happening on a number of sites, we contacted the company that serves our adverts Turn, they said that they thought the issue was due to the fact that multiple adverts were loading on the page and some were also done in Adobe Animate and both ours and theirs were using the auto generated tag "canvas" and so it was failing to load. We since manually replaced all our "canvas" tags with "canvas_evanscycles" but we've still found this issue occurring elsewhere. We then did some more research, found that other people have had similar issues as in the links below. However for all of these people they were the ones creating the webpage rather than just displaying an advert on somebody else's page. They also recommend changing the tag "lib" to something unique also which we haven't yet attempted.






      So the first question I have is whether anyone knows of similar issues? If so does anyone know of any fixes other than what we have attempted?


      The second part is that if the only fix is to manually change the "canvas" and "lib" tags then would every advert we serve need to have a unique tag? For example if we are serving an advert that is 160x600 and one that is 728x90 on the same page, if we change the 160x600 "canvas" to be "canvasABC" do we need to change the 728x90 "canvas" to be "canvas123"?


      It's a fairly confusing question so I hope I made it clear, any questions please ask and I'll elaborate further.