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    Manual Geotagging and Location Spacing


      I am manually geotagging my photos. Maps resolution varies from place to place. When I place a photo close to another on the map, Lightroom forces it to merge with the first location. In other geotagging programmes I have previously used (eg. Picasa which is no longer supported), I was able to place photos separated by say a few meters without this happening. In other words, I'd like to zoom in more than Lightroom allows! Any way around this or any plugin than specifically do this? Thanks, R

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          dj_paige Level 9

          I use the freeware program GeoSetter to apply GPS locations and I have LR read this metadata.


          Are you sure when you do this in LR that you are getting identical GPS lattitude and longitude on the photos that are a few meters apart? Or does Lightroom assign different lattitude and longitude but merges the "pins" together.

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            akuaba Level 1

            Interesting. So I have played around with GeoSetter and placed 2 photos very close together with different locations. Once saved I switch over to LR and there they appear as 2 overlapping pins. However, when I do the reverse, the pins merge as one but do register as 2 locations both as coordinates and as pins on GeoSetter. It seems LR just doesn't like pins to overlap at maximum zoom. I am reassured that the fine differences do register. It would just allow for better fine tuning if that wasn't the case. Thank you for your answer and helping me resolve this.