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    Multiple Catalog Question

    jgillphotography Level 1

      I've been using Lightroom for several years and have over 60k images in it.  I'm just a hobbyist photographer and most of my images are family pictures but noticed my laptop is very slow when moving between modules in Lightroom.  Part of this is it's an old laptop so I'm going to upgrade.  That being said I was thinking about changing my workflow a bit and making a catalog for each year to keep Lightroom running faster and then combine those into a master catalog that I could use for searching for my photos.


      My question is if I go and make changes in one of the yearly catalogs, how do I update the master catalog with those changes.  For example there are lots of images that I haven't keyword tagged yet, so as I get time I go through and tag them.  I also clean up and get rid of duplicate images, etc.  Is there a way for the master catalog to be updated with these changes?


      The reason I want to keep a main catalog is so I can search for images of my children and have them all come up, or a vacation, etc.