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    Typekit Desktop Sync going nowhere




      I have 65 fonts synced from Typekit to my CC Desktop Applications that are critical to my client's success.


      Not a single font is syncing correctly. None what-so-ever. This is directly impacting deadlines, and influencing my decision on whether I will continue with Adobe products.


      If I view my Typekit account on the web, all 65 fonts are seen as available for desktop sync. The Adobe CC Application (Windows 10) is showing no Typekit fonts available. It is simply the beginning marketing graphic informing me to check out Typekit online, which as previously stated, shows all of the fonts I need locally.


      If I log completely out of CC, restart, and Login, I receive a notification that "65 fonts have been removed." The desktop tray icon for CC updates with a green circle implying that it is syncing, but it will stay in this state for hours. I do not have any files in my CC shared directory, so the only thing the app is trying to sync during this time is fonts. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time believing 65 fonts, even at 1.5MB a piece (a huge stretch), takes hours to download.


      Obviously, fonts are unavailable in applications or previous design work completed using them.


      I've modified my hosts file. I've opened my firewall to a point of unreasonableness. Nothing is helping. I have to say I feel pretty foolish trusting this service with my client work.