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    Which one to choose Flex or Flash


      I planned to Create one Rich Internet Application in that which i am going to use Java for database connectivity.

      So i have a confusion in choosing the technology Flash or Flex

      please guide me which one to select

      waiting for help
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          I think flex is more adequate to create RIA.
          - You have more components in flex than flash
          - I don't think that flash has layout components.
          - if you plan to use charts flex has charts api (bargraph,pie,...)
          - coding is more easy in flex, you don't have to set some piece of code into multiple frames.

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            Well if you plan to use out of the box components w/ little customization , then I would agree with FredFlex, however if you are going to need to make custom components and those components will be the bulk of the structure of your RIA, then I would think long and hard about a few things:

            - the poor documentation of Flex vs the established and growing documentation provided by MM and a huge user community
            - the target audience in terms of FP8 or earlier vs FP8.5 and FP9.
            - how much of this RIA will rely on web services for data retrieval/sending
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              FredFlex Level 1
              Effectly I agree with j@mindseye :
              - FP9 has a low audience and I encounter problems to install it (need to manualy uninstall FP8)
              - Flex is in Beta version! We don't know yet if adobe will support it efficiently
              - for the documentation you can see the exemples (somes with source code) on labs.adobe.com
              - you can use free AMFPHP ( http://www.amfphp.org/) if you need to use remote services, there are very good videos tutorials
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                poonamsheth Level 1
                Someone suggested that Adobe hasn't done a good job explaining the
                difference between the two. I can't see how you can say that. There
                has been a public beta available for over 6 months and a site almost
                entirely devoted to it. The Samples Explorer is as clear an
                explanation as any developer should need. The only way to really understand the difference is to attempt to build something with it.

                While I think the concept of a beta program is great, I spent quite a
                few hours poring over the documentation, and followed a few tutorials, and
                I did not find the clear explanations I was hoping for. Maybe that makes me
                a bad developer. But I assume Adobe wants to sell to bad developers as well
                as good ones. This was a few months ago, so maybe things have

                If I'm wrong, please point me to the documentation, FAQs, etc. from
                Adobe that clearly explain the diferences between Flex IDE and Flash IDE, or
                details about how to integrate Flex into my workflow. Maybe this is
                all coming after the release. Or maybe it's been added since I looked
                through the labs site. Where is the practical tutorial for Flash Developers
                who want to transition to Flex?

                I want to like Flex. I really do. I'm not trying to attack any Flex
                developers or any of the smart people who work at Macromedia/Adobe.
                I' m just sharing my personal observations around it so far. There's
                enough contradictory info in this thread alone to make me think they're not
                doing a good enough job getting the message out. The ongoing success of Flash is important to me personally, and to my career, so I that's why I've felt
                the need to say this.

                i also don't think it's a question good developer vs bad developer. The
                Flex metaphor was developed to be comfortable to developers coming from a
                non-Flash background. Most of us were attracted to Flash exactly
                because it wasn't like those environments. I think you're correct in
                saying that the existing documentation is written with non-Flash users
                in mind. Consequently a lot of Flash users may take a while to "get
                it". I'm still struggling with some of the details. But I'm finding
                more and more situations where I'm asking myself ; "is it really that
                easy". But it's taken me quite a few hours to get to that point.