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    Printing a brochure made in Photoshop


      I am making a brochure for my friend's business and I'm using Photoshop. I know InDesign is a much better option for this, however I only have Photoshop and this is so NOT my forte! I don't mess around with design work that actually has to be printed and made to look nice, but she has bugged me for weeks now to help her, so I designed a tri-fold brochure and now I have to print it.

      I wanted to print with bleed, but we are too pressed for time now and she wants to print through Staples and have a white border. Fine...whatever! I'm ready to have this over with! :-) My question is...what do I need to do to my Photoshop file to send it over to Staples for print? I truly don't understand a lot about Photoshop, especially when it comes to converting over to PDF for print. Do I merge all of the layers? Group them together? From what I'm reading, I need to rasterize the layers? Then what...?? I know for most of you these are probably ridiculous questions, but I'm truly in the dark with this stuff! Someone...anyone...?? I need all the help I can get!

      Also, I did try to test it out by saving my file as a pdf, pulled it up in acrobat, and when I tried to print it this morning from my printer at work, it just spits out a blank page.  :-/


      Thanks so much in advance!