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    Cloud highest resolution download


      How do I get a copy of photos that exist only in Adobe's cloud? And if I wait for possible future upgrades to the product, will I be able to download higher resolution versions - i.e. are higher resolution photos on the Adobe cloud today and the quality of download is limited by current software on my devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone)? Or is there a way engineering can provide me a way to retrieve the highest quality available?


      Here are more details:


      Around January of 2016 I'd synchronized photos from Lightroom CC mac desktop to the cloud. The source on my mac were DNGs derived from RAW photos. I'd stopped using Lightroom CC around February. Therefore my synchronizaction stopped. Thereafter I accidentally deleted some original photos from my Mac and I don't have the originals on my backup service (for technical reasons I won't go into at this time).


      I recently signed up again for Lightroom CC and synchronization is off on my Mac desktop version of Lightroom. Upon signing into the adobe cloud via a web browser I saw that some photos from January are still online.


      Now when I try downloading those photos from a web browser (via the built in functionality on the site) and compare the photos to those I can download from my iPad mobile app, I see that they are of two different file sizes. The iPad size is larger. I do not know how if a larger file size correlate with quality in this case.


      So, back to my original questions: how do I get the highest quality file size of photos only on the adobe cloud?


      Thank you.