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    Recovery of Cineform file




      Does anybody know of a way (windows PC) to recover cineform AVI files which were partially created during a crashed render?



      Ive been trying since last year (ok, the 31st) to render a file which is a photo slideshow which is very effect heavy, its a project purchased from videohive.  Its just 2000 frames so not a long project.


      The first two render attempts crashed my PC with a BSOD (i have 3.3GHz 8 core Xeon overclocked to 4.5GHz which is normally 24x7 stable but not under such a heavy continuous AE CC15 load), I re-clocked back to stock and as i was getting impatient and didn't need 4K i popped the output into a 1080 comp and sent that to render.


      18 hours later i had the output file as i wanted but i had forgot to scale the 4K down to 1080 so it was cropped so i had to run it again! (by fault for rushing!)   ON this fourth attempt, around hour 12 again my PC locked which was annoying as i was nearly there!


      I have split the final output into 10sec sections and they are currently rendering so at least if it fails i dont loose as much time.


      I do have a file which 2.26Gb in size corresponding to being around 70% complete (based on the successful but cropped output) however it is corrupt and i cannot play, open, import, repair the file.   As standard i use the cineform codec at filmscan 2 setting for intermediates.   I use AVI as opposed to MOV as i then use AVS video software to author the final files.






      All upto date After Effects, Photo Shop and Light Room

      Windows 7 x64

      CPU, Single Xeon W3680 + 18GB RAM

      Graphics, GeForce GTX570

      Working drive, Samsung 960 Evo PCIe SSD

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          Well, let me be straight: Making the same mistake four times is just not smart. Nothing stops you from rendering an image sequence and compiling it in a second run in which case none of your issues are any problem - no damaged files, resumable renders if it crashes and all that good stuff.



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            stuartsjg Level 1



            I have only exported frames from a render on a few occasions and i didn't realise that it would leave complete individual frame files after each is rendered, i had thought perhaps some temporary file was made then compiled into useable image files at the end.   Im familiar enough with the image sequence import as i work with DNG files produced by MagicLantern from my camera.


            Your solution is certainly more recoverable and ill probably do this with any very long many hour render which always carry's a risk of failure.