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    Can only see half of the Composition in the composition views when in certain size.


      I've recently updated my After Effects to the 2017 version and as soon as i tried to use it i've hit a porblem.
      The problem i am expriencing is being unable to see my whole composition in my viewer windows when its not in full screen.
      half of the window (upper part of it) does not show the composition but i can still touch it. for exemple: if i want to drag the composition down or up i can do so when clicking on the blank upper space in the window where the upper part of the composition is and it moves, so i figured the composition is not cut in half but just the windows is unable of showing it at the certain size i am at.
      when i drag down my buttom tab (composition files list tab) and the window becomes bigger the composition becomes more viewable and when i completely drag it down like in the last photo i can see the whole composition on the entire window.
      unfortunately i need to see the files in my composition tab so i cannot completely drag it down and that makes it a difficult problem for me since with the tab where it is i can only see like 30% of my composition.
      the window is big enough for the whole composition to show tho since in after effect 2016 i could see the whole composition with the same size of the window.
      PS: even if i drag the composition up the composition does not reveal itself fully , its like a pinned layer of grey that is on top of the composition and blocks me from seeing the whole composition.
      Sorry for blabbering, im new to After Effects and i want to completely give the info of my problem for less confusion i guess.




      Thank you in advance.