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    How can I Scale Up PDF File


      The problem:


      I have the most current version of Acrobat Pro DC


      I need to be able to take a PDF File that is 10" x 8" inches.


      And then scale it up to CREATE a PDF that's 11 x 8.5  (as distinct from merely printing it on 11 x 8.5)



      I cannot do this via the print menu


      Thus far I cannot find any utility in Acrobat Pro that will allow me to truly scale up a PDF



      Incidentally.... Here's the origin of the problem.


      I need to take a PowerPoint file created at 10 x 8, then export it to PDF at a final size of 11 x 8.5


      PowerPoint for Windows has the ability to rescale the pdf on export


      PowerPoint for Mac does not. And right now I am using a Mac Workflow.



      If anyone knows how to do this. I would be grateful for the help.