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    Dynamic link resolution tied to comp working res?

    SquareEyz Level 1

      I've noticed this before, but am now wondering if anyone else is annoyed by this, or better yet if they have a work arround for it?




      When working on long / complex animations within AE, I tend to set the comp render / downsample to Auto and work at half res, or lower, when I'm just getting the timing blocked out, and have not begun finessing fine details.

      AE preview Res.png

      All is well within AE, but when using the dynamic link option and placing in the WIP animation in Premiere [ where I can make better assessment of audio cues, and cut it in context], the footage size changes to whatever the 'current settings' downsampling is set to within AE.


      Does anyone know a way to prevent this, without a whole lot of babysitting either in AE or Prem?

      Its particularly annoying on complex collaborative work, where say I'm animating on a high priority project where an editor is working with my dynamic link files while the paint is still wet, and I'm making changes - at whatever downsample I need at the time.



      This seems like a setting that should have a global override, either within Premiere, or AE. If in Premiere, the dynamic link render could autoscale to the comp size.

      Preferably, its an AE preference box, that lets the user override 'current settings' for downsampling when handing off to dynamic links.


      I tend to use dynamic link for the early stages of development, getting thru a few rounds of revisions, and then do final renders to get things archival before wrapping up the project, as they can get pretty heavy with motion blur, grain and other CPU/GPU expensive tools.


      I do this either with a 'render and replace' within Prem [ so far so good, its an awesome workflow addition for me], or trusty dusty render queue.

      Which BTW has render settings that have always been able to override, or go along with 'current settings', which have included downsampling.

      Que Render settings.png
      I guess my short version of the question is " why can't dynamic links have the same functionality?"


      Sorry for the long post!

      Cheers and Happy New Year everyone