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    Concerned about Adobe Flash with Premiere Ele 15


      I am a registered as being an owner of Photoshop CS6.

      I also have bought Premiere Elements 2012 & 2013 and use them successfully.


      I am concerned about so many web sites and companies use of Flash and the fact it is easy for the bad guys to send me corrupt files without my knowledge.

      Many companies are no longer using Flash because of this.

      My question is this:

      I now use Flash only for Adobe Premiere. I uninstall it when not in use for Premiere 2012 & 2013 which I purchased from you.

      I am an avid online reader of any information which will help me use my programs.

      One of the things I have read is that there is a version of "Flash" safe to keep on my computer which is not subject to hacking because is has limited things it is capable of doing.

      Please answer the following:

      1/ Is this true? The windows version I have been taking on & off my W-7 / I-7 machine is 24.0.0186.

      2/ Does Premiere 15 still need flash to run?

      3/ Is Premiere a standalone program or a transparent update on the 2013 program I own.


      Thank you

      Robert L.

      Suffolk - NY