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    after effects cpu??


      hi , wondering if someone could help me .Im thinking of upgrading my i5440 cpu and was thinking of the i7 4790k or similar. This is to run after effect / premiere pro a little bit better . Socket 1150 for the cpu . thanks for any help

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          imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

          Long story short - yes ... it will work faster. Now you have 4 threads on 3,2ghz ... with new cpu you will have 8 on 4,4hgz ( with good overclocking and cpu coolingh you should be able to reach 5ghz). But... CPU is only one component that's important with AE - f.eg. how much memory (ram) do you have... and what is most important - what kind of work do you do?

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            gz28664285 Level 1

            hi ive got 16g ddr3 ram and geforce gtx 960 graphics card

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              imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

              As i've saidf before - it depends on what kind pof work you are doing, but for i7 4790k it would be much better to have 32gb of ram.
              But now ... you have to spend $350-370 for CPU and $100 for next 16gb of DDR3 ram, and i'm wondering if wouldn't be better to invest in never technology with DDR4 ram and 2011-3 socket,
              So We can't tell you exactly what to do but in my opionion:
              - if you have your computer and you are doing animations for fun and small projects - and you think that ity would be nice to be able to work a little bit faster - stay on your setup or make a little upgrade - if you need to spend money
              - but if you are using AE on daily basis, and doing commercial work - scrap what you can from your old computer (HDD/SSD etc.) and invest in chipset X99, socket 2011-3 and DDR4