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    Work Space Layout Issue


      Anyone experience work space layout issues below where the Pages window extends far right making a portion unusable? Horizontal scrolling is not an option, expanding window does not work, and moving the window does not fix the problem. Have contacted Adobe multiple times on the issue. Temporary fix is deleting preferences but looking for a sustainable solution. Anyone know of anything?



      InDesign CC x64 Build

      Model: Surface Book

      OS: Windows 10 Pro



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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          It a.) sounds like a bug and b.) sounds like you have made Adobe aware of it. If not, report it here (pick the Bug Report radio button): Wishform - Adobe InDesign .


          I've never seen that happen on my system, nor those of my students. What happens if you change the View Pages options in the Pages panel menu? Does that straighten it out without having to reset Prefs?

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