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    Adjustment Layer Doesn't Work on Certain Layers


      So I have two adjustment layers (each for a separate clip in the video) that won't work. Both clips I've tried to apply it to won't work, but if I stretch out the adjustment layer to other clips, it works for those. The ones I want to apply it to are the same video, just in different parts of the sequence. The weird thing is that I have another adjustment layer over a third clip of the same video, but it works fine for that.


      The adjustment layers are all being sourced from the same clip, and the source clip's time spans over all three of the clips (I have no clue if that matters or not. This is my first time working with the program). The settings in all of the adjustment layers are the same as well, and they're all set to visible. I don't understand why it works for one part of the video and not the other parts.


      To see if it's not the adjustment layer's fault, I've tried to adjust other things in the clips that won't work, like resetting the color, and nothing happens. I'm wondering if it's a video thing, but don't see why it wouldn't happen to all three parts of the video.


      Sorry if this is all over the place, but if anyone has any possible solutions, I'd greatly appreciate it!